Monday, 29 October 2012

Graze Box

Let's get grazing!

The box we got in the post:

It snacks, just without that guilty feeling.

We love it, you never know what you are going to get (apart from a small idea from what you have selected), which is exciting and makes sure you get different snacks each time. There service is amazing too with personal help service emails for any help and questions. The website is so cute too. There is an easy task of selecting your preference of the snacks available:
Bin, try, like and love. 

Only four steps to take and the website is very user friendly. Easy as A B C.

Use this code to get your first box free!:


Their website:

Love, Cherries

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Crosses †

The Glorious trend:
This is one of those trends where we have no idea how it became popular. But not that it is, everyone seems to love it! 

They have even made their way into clothing, mostly printed on tops.

Walking around town, crosses pop up in almost every piece of clothing or accessory. Why wear crosses? Well, they give a big fashion statement, making you seem more confident, and how can that be bad?

Love, Cherries

Friday, 26 October 2012



So everyone has gone nail crazy. The style seems to be block colours, or patterns and designs on different nails

We had a go!

1. Paint most of your nails in one colour
2. On one or more nails add a different colour 
3. Add details and designs with a cocktail stick
4. Coat all nails in a clear nail vanish so your designs will last longer
(then wait for them to dry!) 
If you find it hard with a cocktail stick, you can always go out and get yourselves one of these:

Models own do a great nail art pen, which we find much easier to use for those detailed designs. Also, they come in loads of different colours!

Love, Cherries

Thursday, 25 October 2012



The shops have gone all army. This look has taken a masculine style and made it work! We like the fact that it looks good, whatever the weather, and the fact that it can be casual wear. It's taking that grunge look to a whole new level!

Here we are out shopping (again!), supporting the trend by wearing green jeans and army boots :)

Love, Cherries

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Satchel Bags

You have probably seen or heard about the new craze for the classic satchel bags, you may even have one (if you do, i'm jealous!). The Cambridge Satchel Company have made classic satchels a very modern accessory  perfect for adding a pop of color to a bland outfit. I love it when old fashions get a modern makeover.

As you can probably guess, I really like these bags, mostly because they are really practical in size and design. Not to big and not to small.
They come in so many different colors, my favorite are the pastels:
I would really recommend getting one of these bags, I'm ordering myself one now!

Their website:
They were in a Google advert!

Love, Cherries

The Beginning.

So, this is were it all begins...

Before we start we thought we should explain who we are and why we are here... We came up with the Two Cherries name because there are two of us who will write this blog. (i.e. like two cherries)

We will be talking about fashion, style and beauty. Finding new trends, trying out beauty products and reviewing them. Hope you enjoy :)

Love, cherries